Awe and Wonder of the World

In RE, we have reflected on the beauty of nature around the world and created a piece of artwork inspired by everything we have learned regarding stewardship and taking care of our environment. We listened to Louis Armstrong’s song ‘What a Wonderful World’ as we expressed our own interpretations of Earth’s beauty. 


DT Curriculum Day

We had great fun before half-term evaluating Chinese food and creating our own Spring rolls. We used a variety of techniques: the bridge and claw cutting techniques, peeling, grating, combining flavours and constructing the spring rolls. Then we enjoyed eating them and evaluating the final product.


Safer Internet Day

In our computing lesson today, we discussed what makes us feel happy or sad when we’re online. We considered how negative effects can be caused when we aren’t positive online. Upon reflection, we created a pledge that we promised to keep when we are online. 


Caring for our environment

We have been learning about different religious creation stories and the importance of caring for the wonderful world we live in. As part of our RE lesson this week, we looked at the consequences caused on the world if we don’t look after the environment. We considered ways of preventing global warming and decided to make a positive contribution ourselves. Here we are picking up litter around school 😀🚮