Here are some snaps of us writing our name in Viking runes and trying to crack codes to reveal names of some Viking gods and goddesses. We had a fun afternoon and even got to watch Vicky the Viking 😃


Viking artefacts

This afternoon, we used secondary sources of evidence to identify how Vikings’ lives were different to ours. We thought about questions we might like to ask to help us find out more information about the objects and started to think about what they might be used for. 


Easter Experience!

⛪️ A few snaps from Bryn Baptist Church.

Thinking of our hopes and dreams

Saying a prayer for somebody else

Reflecting on Jesus’s last supper

We created a flower for the Garden of Gethsemane with our fears inside

Having our feet washed

Siân the Vicar leading a reflection on Jesus’s resurrection


Viking Invasion!

Y4W had lots of fun researching the Viking invasion at Lindisfarne. We used the iPads to teach ourselves how and why the fierce Norsemen raided monasteries. After discussing our findings, we acted out the invasion and did some hot seating in the role of a Viking or a monk. To finish, we had a fun quiz to test our knowledge… THE BOYS WON! 🏆


Solving the area of rectilinear shapes

Miss Waywell’s maths class really enjoyed counting squares to calculate the area of different rectilinear shapes. The children discovered for themselves that it was much quicker to use their times tables than count every square individually. They used Numicon and the hall tiles first to practically solve before moving onto further challenges like… What if the squares were hidden inside the shape? How would you solve the area? 


World Book Day 2018

 We had another amazing World Book Day this year! 🙂 As we had a farm theme, we had lots of fun on the playground looking at farm animals, learning a barn dance and welly wanging! Our quality text was Black Beauty, written by Anna Sewell, which we read in the morning… and even had the enjoyment of watching some of the DVD with popcorn!In the afternoon, we each created a new book cover for Black Beauty and wrote a short blurb to summarise the story. 


Awe and Wonder of the World

In RE, we have reflected on the beauty of nature around the world and created a piece of artwork inspired by everything we have learned regarding stewardship and taking care of our environment. We listened to Louis Armstrong’s song ‘What a Wonderful World’ as we expressed our own interpretations of Earth’s beauty. 


Safer Internet Day

In our computing lesson today, we discussed what makes us feel happy or sad when we’re online. We considered how negative effects can be caused when we aren’t positive online. Upon reflection, we created a pledge that we promised to keep when we are online.