When Goldilocks came to visit

Today we had a special visitor in reception, Goldilocks came to visit us! We had prepared questions for her during our guided writing sessions through the week using special words like why, what, how, when and where to start out sentences. The children read out their own questions and Goldilocks answered them for us. We also had lots of fun making porridge this week and choosing delicious fruit to add to our porridge to make it taste great.


ICT Curriculum Day

The children took part in our ICT curriculum day on Friday. We had a great time working on our new foundation stage computers, programming the bee bots, exploring educational apps on the iPads and working with Mr Carrington in the computer suite. We also took part in ‘unplugged’ activities. These were activities that teach computer science away from the computers, such as exploring pixel images by colouring by numbers or making images on grids. We explored computer sequences and codes by printing repeating patterns with paints and writing our names and secret messages in code.


Preparing for the ball

This week we have been learning about fairy tales and to start our topic the children decided they would like to hold a ball. We have had a great week preparing for the ball. We have used our maths skills, measuring our heads to make crowns, we have written invitations to the ball, we have made our own placemats and decorated some yummy biscuits. Here are some photographs of the children engaging in fairy tale activities.
Writing invitations


Building castles in the sand


Making potions in the water tray


Designing ball gowns and cloaks


Playing in our fairy tale castle


Making our own stories with the castle


Decorating biscuits



Dylan’s Reptiles

Today the children in reception had an amazing learning experience. Dylan came to school with his reptiles, amphibians and insects. The children were able to hold and touch a corn snake, a boa constrictor, a bearded dragon, a blue tongued skink, tortoises, toads, hissing cockroaches and even a tarantula! Dylan told us lots of facts about the reptiles, what they eat and where they come from. Next week we will have lots of fun finding out about where in the world their natural habitats are.


Goodbye Chicks

We have had such a lovely 2 weeks, it has been an amazing experience seeing the eggs hatch and watching the chicks grow and change. The children have cared for the chicks, changing their bedding every day and giving them food and water and understanding the responsibility in caring for others. The chicks are going to live in Mr and Mrs Bentham’s garden now and We are sure they will be very happy there.