Our Trip to The Three Sisters

We had a fantastic time on our trip to the three sisters. The children took part in pond dipping, mini beast hunting, a nature walk and produced some fabulous art work. The children were really well behaved and all of the staff felt very proud of reception. We got wet on our walk home but it certainly didn’t dampen our day


When Goldilocks came to visit

Today we had a special visitor in reception, Goldilocks came to visit us! We had prepared questions for her during our guided writing sessions through the week using special words like why, what, how, when and where to start out sentences. The children read out their own questions and Goldilocks answered them for us. We also had lots of fun making porridge this week and choosing delicious fruit to add to our porridge to make it taste great.


Goodbye Chicks

We have had such a lovely 2 weeks, it has been an amazing experience seeing the eggs hatch and watching the chicks grow and change. The children have cared for the chicks, changing their bedding every day and giving them food and water and understanding the responsibility in caring for others. The chicks are going to live in Mr and Mrs Bentham’s garden now and We are sure they will be very happy there.


Visit from the firefighters

We really enjoyed meeting the firefighters and seeing the fire engine. They explained to us how they help people and the different jobs they do. We know that we must ALWAYS stay away from fire, that we must tell a grown up if we see fire or call 999 and that we must always wear a seatbelt and sit on our booster seat or special chair in the car.


Visit to Ashton Library

The children enjoyed their walk to Ashton library. We learned all about libraries and what we can do there, we also learned about how librarians can help us. The children were really well behaved and very sensible on our long walk. Well done reception! We were very proud of you on your first trip out of school.